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Outsourced BD Department

How to Start with SAAS CORNER ?

Outsourced BD Department

Step by step explanation of our phases.

saas outbound sales strategy

Step 1 : Discovery Meeting

We meet to better understand the challenges and problems you face in sales operations. We analyze your current processes and determine the best possible opportunities. We pay attention to learn about your company's vision and goals and to create the most ideal plan for you.


If you think we are a good fit, we take action and start to work on your sales goals.

Remote Sales Team

Step 2 : Set a Remote Sales Team

We build a team of a qualified SDR (Sales Development Representative) and one of SAASCorner’s Team Leads for you. The SDR will be your company representative and she/he will:


  • Provide you with weekly updates

  • Arrange weekly or monthly meetings with you together with the Team Lead.

  • Consult you on different strategies regarding outbound sales development, specifically designed for SAAS companies.


Step 3 : Market Research

Your SDR will conduct a market research with the help of the Team Lead in order to define the potential of your niche market. This research includes:

  • Business Analysis - We will define your competitive advantages including key use cases and benefits to focus during the sale.

  • Buyer Persona - We will find the markets and companies that are your perfect targets.

  • Unique Value Proposition and Key Selling Points -  We will advance your scripts and presentations.

Sales Consultancy

Step 4 : Outbound Sales Development Strategy

We will create your sales strategy depending on the insights we got from the previous steps. The strategy includes:

  • Goals and KPIs - We will set clear metrics that will measure the progress.

  • Contacts List - We will find companies which fit your Buyer Persona by using effective tools like Apollo.

  • Personalized Sales - We will provide industry-based and company-based personalized messages and presentations.

Outbound Lead Generation

Step 5 : Execution

Your team of an SDR and Team Lead will start an outbound sales campaign. It will include:

  • Outreach the SDR will contact targeted decision makers and companies through various channels (email, phone, LinkedIn.)

  • Setting Up Appointments - the SDR will arrange meetings between you and decision-makers.

  • Brief Information - before every appointment the SDR will give you an update about the company, decision maker(s) you will be meeting & previous communication with them.

Reverse Mentoring in Sales

Step 6 : Revision & Setting a New Campaign

Your SDR and Team Lead will revise the sales development strategy and will start the process again. This stage includes:

  • Feedback - receiving your feedbacks about the campaign you've conducted.

  • Revision - implementing changes in strategy to optimize performance based on market feedback.

  • New Outbound Sales Campaign - preparing a new campaign and reviewing step 3.

Outbound Consultancy

Step 7 : Sales Consultancy

Sales Mentors of the SAAS Corner will review the online meetings you held with the decision-maker(s).

How will you record your online meetings ? You have 2 options : 

  1. ​ You can record your online meetings with the recording feature of the tool you use ( Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

  2. You can choose to use video data analysis tools that we partner with, such as

According to the datas gathered from the recordings, we will provide detailed analysis about these meetings and give consultancy to your sales representatives in order to advance their sales skills. The operation continues on a monthly basis.

SAAS Corner

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saas outbound sales strategy
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