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Generate quality B2B sales leads !

Data is the perfect ally for understanding your target.

  • Do not be afraid to combine multiple data sets from different sources, especially if human filters can be applied. Some of the most basic characteristics to consider are

  • Demographic (e.g., name, title, age)

  • Geographic (location)

  • Firmographic (company size, revenue, and industry)

  • Technographic (types of technology used, purchased, and platforms)

  • Psychographic (preferences and affinities)

  • Social Graph (connections, referrals, and followers)

  • Trigger events (promotion, new job, funding, and acquisition)

Key prospects should be tracked at all times.

Your prospects' situations, perspectives, occupations, and outlooks may change over time.

A good practice is to implement a business wiki or knowledge base where you can track when they change jobs, companies, or industries, and at least be aware of these changes.

Setting up job change alerts or organizing the profiles you follow based on keywords are ways to keep yourself aware of changes in a prospect's situation.

Social listening is always a good idea.

Social media profiles can be great allies for those interested in high-end prospecting. They can help you identify relevant people within a company of interest and access relevant information about their needs. 

You can also get a lot of value from learning what topics are transcendent for a target prospect, what group activity they have, and what comments trigger a particular response. This can provide important clues for new content ideas or ads.

Ideal customer profiles must be qualified.

Creating the right customer profiles is only half the battle. You need to develop an effective outbound strategy to identify and nurture a qualified lead.

Here are some common qualification criteria that companies use at the outset:

  • The company's level of need

  • The prospect's buying power

  • Decision authority of the contact

  • Buyer's urgency to buy

Lead generation tools take campaigns to the next level.

Customer data platforms accelerate the process of identifying your ideal customer profile and defining the relevant data points your sales reps, marketing team, and executives need to run a successful outreach campaign.

There are a variety of effective strategies SDRs can implement to generate more B2B sales leads, and every year there are new ways to outperform past performance. Try improving your sales performance by redefining outbound strategies with sound techniques to generate the best quality leads for your business. 


SAAS Corner
SAAS Corner

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