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How we do ?

  • Build a large lead list

A B2B lead list is a compilation of potential leads you can reach out to. It includes companies aligned with your ICP and contains info like company name and size, key decision-makers, and contact details.

It’s essential to have a large lead list as this increases your chances of getting responses and setting appointments. 

  •  Build your data-driven lead nurturing workflow

According to the 95:5 rule, only about 5% of your prospects are “in-market.” Put another way, most of your leads and potential customers aren’t ready to make an immediate buying decision. . That’s why you need a lead nurturing workflow. 

 It helps you convert more in-market leads into appointments and deals. It also helps you stay top of mind for leads who are out-of-market now but might be in-market later.

There are 4 broad ways to build your lead nurturing workflow:

  • Capture your lead’s email

Encourage leads to follow you on socials so they become exposed to your marketing assets.

Leverage ad retargeting to remind leads about your brand and your products.

Create an email nurture series that builds trust and sends them to your leads periodically.

  • Set up relevant tools and automation

Sales tools help streamline your process and increase your effectiveness. Without them, your lead generation process will be challenging. Not sure where to start? 

Sales prospecting tools: We use lead generation software like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and to do lead research and lead generation, check buying intent, and hunt verified emails and social accounts of our prospects in a way that’s GDPR-compliant. 

  • Cold email — a powerful tactic for outbound lead generation 

From our experience, cold email is the best lead generation tactic for B2B brands. Our experience aligns with the findings from our State of Outbound report. The report found cold email is the most reliable and cost-effective sales channel. 

Here are a few other B2B cold email stats worth noting:

Email outreach helps you reach decision-makers who are harder to reach via other channels. 

  • It takes approximately 306 emails to get 1 lead. (SAAS Corner)

  • The average open rate is 36%. (SAAS Corner)

  • The average reply rate is 7%. (SAAS Corner)

  • Cold calling

 cold calling has one distinct advantage over other channels: It provides a human touch in the sales process. This allows for deeper interaction and rapport building.

  • LinkedIn

According to the LinkedIn’s Ads Blog, over 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, and 40+ million are decision-makers. 

We like to combine LinkedIn with email marketing to strengthen connections with prospects.

For instance, we may send a connection request so a prospect can put a face to the email they received. This is effective for getting more emails opened and strengthening relationships with leads.


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