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What do SDRs do?

SDRs play a crucial role in a sales team's success by bridging the gap between marketing and sales. 


Their responsibilities involve two main parts:  

  • Inbound sales prospecting.

  • SDRs focus on nurturing leads who have expressed interest and interacted with the company through its marketing channels.

  • Outbound sales prospecting. This involves reaching out to potential customers who haven't engaged with the company's product yet, also known as cold leads.

  •  The goal of reaching out to prospects isn’t to book a meeting straight away. 

  •  Building awareness and generating demand takes time.

  •  Keep in mind, that prospects don't neatly fit into your CRM funnel.

  • They have their own priorities, and buying from you might not be at the top. 

SDR vs. BDR: How are they different? 

Okay, so we’ve gone through the fundamentals of the SDR role. But what about business development representatives (BDRs)?

 The two roles can be confusing as they do


Here is how to tell the difference between an SDR and a BDR: 

  • SDRs are responsible for inbound lead qualification. 

  • BDRs are responsible for outbound lead qualification.  


Sales reps deal with prospects that might already know of you. BDRs will have a cold calling list to reach out to new contacts in the industry. 

 To push the right prospects further down the sales process, it's important that SDRs and BDRs fully understand their ideal customer profile (ICP).  

 Both roles share similar responsibilities like:

  • Booking meetings.

  • Being on sales demos with AEs.

  • Digging for pain points.  

The job description of an SDR

Usually, being a rep is an entry-level position.

So, to start out, you don’t need a higher education degree, but some experience in sales might help.

This could even be in a B2C environment, where most people first get introduced to sales.


Typical responsibilities of the role include:

  • Prospecting and creating lists of people to outreach to in target accounts.

  • Qualify, follow up, and engage with inbound leads already interested.

  • Multi-thread stakeholders within target accounts to create a strong business case.

  • Build long-term relationships with prospects.

  • Set up meetings or demos with prospective clients for account executives.

  • Identify the needs and pain points of the prospects.

  • Outreach new target prospects through cold calling, emailing, and social media.

  • Help maintain relationships with existing clients.

  • Follow up with existing prospects in the CRM to try and identify new needs.

  • Give relevant marketing materials to prospects.


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